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How to Solve "We can't find HD audio device"?


We can't find HD audio deviceI have just purchased an ASUS Notebook. When I trying to install the audio driver with the CD, the installation is interrupted and it says "We can't find HD audio device".


The sound card of new notebook most need to install the HD Audio patch – the Microsoft kb835221 and KB888111 patch which are referred to as "Microsoft UAA".

Solve "We can't find HD audio device"Since the motherboard uses Intel's new high-definition audio (High Definition Audio) technology, we need Microsoft commonly used Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver. If just install the sound card drivers that without having UAA installed, the sound card will not work.


Step 1. Go to the Microsoft site and download KB835221, KB888111 patch, and then install the patch and restart the computer.

Step 2. Install the motherboard drivers, reboot. Then install the sound card drivers.
Note: If you cannot install the sound card driver after you installing the motherboard driver of the CD, you need to update the motherboard driver and sound card driver. You can use a driver updater like Driver Detective to automatically download and install drivers. Asus Drivers are available to download with this program.

Step 3. Update the PCI Driver in the Device Manager.
Tips: If you have used Driver Detective to update drivers in the second step, you don't need to do this step.

Hope this method can solve "We can't find HD audio device" problem. Good luck to you. :)

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